Get an Instant Grout Makeover

check   No scrubbing.
check   No regrouting.
check   No bleaching.
Pump & Go
So easy to use - just pump the pen until the grout paint is flowing - use it like a paint pen and start shading
The narrow tip GROUT PEN covers up to 150 linear feet of 5mm or less grout lines. If the tip becomes worn, just flip the tip and keep going.
Safe & Non-Toxic
Water-based formula - no staining and no spots. Environmentally-friendly and safe to use in enclosed spaces.
The specially formulated grout paint effectively covers up imperfections. Available in 10+ elegant colors: white, ivory, winter grey, beige, brown, cream, black, light grey, grey, dark grey, terracotta.
Touch-dry in as fast as 5 min after application - but for best results allow a full 24hrs to cure before getting wet.
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Let Your Tired Grout Sparkle Again!


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Real People. Real Results.

Really updated our worn out tile!

I am so impressed by these pens! Our house had a weird grey/off white tile with grout that had yellowed horribly. I took a chance with the Winter Grey color and it was a perfect option for us.

Holly Conner
April 10, 2022

A great product for refreshing grout

After cleaning, using the GROUT PEN was easy. The pen went a lot further than I thought it would. My bathroom has 12x12 tiles. It really did make the whole room seem brighter.

C. Smith
January 17, 2022

Easiest Fix Ever!

They looked easy and were only 8 bucks, so I ordered the Winter Grey. I applied it over my unsanded grout and it immediately looked 1000x better, and it only took me 30 minutes. I was ecstatic!

Grout Pen
January 16, 2022


This product is so awesome!! We recently bought a house and are trying to make affordable upgrades and improvements as we can. Our bathroom floors were a mess when we moved in - brown/yellow grout (not dirty just probably not sealed correctly). I was looking for a fix when I came across this. I was originally going to get white but saw the colors were different in person and decided to go with winter grey. This was the perfect color for grey tile/flooring! This is so quick to do!

March 18, 2022

Don't hesitate to buy this!

I wasn't sure about getting this grout, but I based my decision on other reviews. So glad I did! It was the easiest product to use, no odor at all, great coverage, and my bathroom floor looks new again.

April 5, 2022

It works on really nasty staining. And lasts!

This stuff is amazing! My husband tiled the bathroom a decade ago, but he didn't know he had to seal the grout so it just got nastier over time. I even had a floor cleaning company come out and steam clean it and it didn't help much. It was so nasty that I was going to have it all ripped out and redone. But, I came across this stuff when looking for something else and figured I would give it a try. It turned out fantastic! It's been 6 months since I applied and it still looks perfect.

-Justa Consumer
September 19, 2020

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By Grout Pen
March 5, 2022
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By Grout Pen
March 5, 2022
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By Grout Pen
March 5, 2022
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March 5, 2022
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By Grout Pen
March 5, 2022
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