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GROUT PEN Tile Grout Paint Marker: Waterproof Tile Grout Colorant & Grout Refresh Pens

GROUT PEN is the world's #1 selling grout paint marker. Make old grout look new again without using nasty chemicals or bleach.
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Look Brand New

Skip scrubbing tiles and use GROUT PEN to paint and recolor your grout for a bright clean appearance.

Use Anywhere

Ideal for the bathroom, kitchen, and any other room that has floor or ceiling tiles.

Long Lasting Ink

Tackle small or large DIY projects with a pen that covers up to 150 feet of thin 2mm grout.

Advanced Formula

Non-toxic, water-based colorant that covers grubby grout stains making it look brand new again. Note: GROUT PEN may not bond to sealed grout. Test the porosity of the grout with a few drops of water. If the grout does not absorb the water drops within a few minutes, this indicates that the grout was probably sealed.