7 Low Budget Ways To Remodel Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Marcelle Fabien
April 14, 2022
Enough is enough, and it's time for a change. Your kitchen and bathroom are mostly okay, but after looking at the same thing the last couple of years, now seems as good a time as any to switch things up. It might not seem like a big deal, but a little bit of change absolutely goes a long way.
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Sure, you could do a complete overhaul of your kitchen and bathroom. You could pull out all the stops, and just give it the works. But what if you didn't have a few thousand dollars to spare, but still want something new and exciting in your home? Is it possible to remodel your kitchen and bathroom on a budget? Absolutely! Here are just 5 simple ways to go about it:

1. Repaint instead of replace.

With just a little bit of DIY-ability, you could completely take your cabinets and walls to the next level! A fresh coat of paint on your cabinets would make it look new and completely different without the expense of having to purchase a newset. Want to make your walls look different? Instead of just switching to a singular color, how about going with some wall stripes instead? A simple changein perspective can surely go a long way, and you'll thank yourself for this eye-popping change to the scenery - at incredibly low costs.

2. Clear the clutter.

Sometimes, things just look unbelievably drab simply because we let too muchstuff accumulate in one place. We know we love reading material, but old magazines in your bathroom can really afford to be given the old heave-ho. The same can be said of the countless papers, bills, or receipts littered all over your kitchen counter. Take the time out to see which things still, to coin a phrase, spark joy, then toss out the rest. You'd be surprised how different things will look.

3. Green things up.

You'd be surprised just how fresher your kitchen and bathroom would look if you just transplanted (pun not intended) some of your flowers or plants from your garden. Not only would this make things look fresher, but it would definitely encourage you to nurture your green thumb even more. Once you have a wide variety of plants, you'd end up changing the look of your kitchen and bathroom practically every month.

4. Add a frame to your mirrors.

While not all kitchens have a mirror, it's almost a given for your bathroom to have one. Give it a neat little update by giving it a frame that's in line with the newaesthetic you're trying to go for as you remodel and follow these tips. You'd besurprised how well it ties everything together. Giving your aesthetic a sense of cohesiveness would definitely go a long way towards changing things up.

5. Add some artwork.

No need to break the bank with this one: any framed painting or two will do. It's not a particularly expensive addition to your kitchen or your bathroom, but it can really add some color and flavor to your surroundings. Best of all, you can easily replace your artwork periodically from time to time when you don't feel like a massive overhaul is needed but a few small changes are in order.

6. Update your lighting.

Stuffy, flickering old lights could really make even home feel dreary. Every now and then, it's best to just go ahead and update your lighting to really change the feel of a room completely. Brighter lighting for the bathroom while warmer, softer lighting for the dining room can be quite a difference-maker when you think about it. The best thing about this is that most lights are well within your average budget.

7. Update your tiling.

Tiles in the kitchen and the bathroom are usually an excellent choice, but over time, even the cleanest of tiles tend to start looking drab if not outright terrible as the years go by. Refresh that look by re-tiling your floors! Then again, if that sounds too expensive, simply replacing the grout on your tiles after a thorough cleaning would really brighten up the atmosphere. Have you noticed how the spaces in between tiles still look somewhat dirty even after intensive cleansing? Well, replacing the grout will make it look brand-new all over again. And if even that seems a little too costly for you, then our Grout Pen White Tile Marker is more than up to the task.

Indeed, there are so many different things you could do to make your kitchen and bathroom to really spice things up. These 7 ideas are just the tip of the iceberg, but you can be sure that they're all inexpensive ways for an instant glow-up. We hope you have a great time and enjoy the fruits of your efforts. Happy renovating!

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Marcelle Fabien
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